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Condom banned commercial

Banned est en fait un label pour que la vidéo circule sur les réseaux sociaux, n'est-ce pas ?



Ce commentaire sur Reddit m'a plu...

"I didn't even watch the video. I'm waiting for the banned commercial where people are yelling cunt while fist fucking each other behind a curtain made of blankets stolen from the homeless that has blood on it from a person with one of those 19th century diseases that makes you cough blood. And the smell of piss and shit and cum seeps through the 4th wall because it's so strong. And the mom and son are fucking while the dad stabs himself repeatedly with a syringe through the nut sack and at the end of it all when you're going what the fuck was that the screen fades to white and the brand comes up: Brawny, strong enough for any mess.

When that's posted to youtube I'll believe the "banned in australia" hype and spend an extra $4 on the name brand papertowels."

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