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En goguette sur la Tour Eiffel

Les rois de l'urbex vertigineuse russe en pleine action. Ce qui est impressionnant, hormis l'escalade du monument, s'est de s'y être immiscé en plein état d'urgence et coupe d'Europe alors que les forces de l'ordre quadrillent le pays.

Visiting the Eiffel Tower just got a new meaning. Extreme drone and POV footage from climbing the world's most famous tower.

It's almost impossible to get to the tower illegally (do not try to repeat this) especially in view of recent political developments and the ongoing European Football Championship. Police and national guard are always on duty on the premises of the tower.

The shoot was carried out in the rainy season. The level of Seine river broke the 30-year-old record and the wind speed reached up to 6m/s. The poor drone operator not only crashed the drone but also received a pretty big fine.

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