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Les lionceaux et la GoPro


Deux lionceaux vont tournicoter vingt minutes autour d'une caméra.




"While running one of our 2-week photo safaris to Kenya, we attached a GoPro camera to a remote control car and drove it up to a lioness with cubs, stopping at a distance where they still showed no interest, and then jiggled the car around just enough to invoke the cubs curiosity. Two of the three cubs then came over and investigated it for 20min, before growing bored and tired and falling asleep back with mum. Our 8th safari to Kenya, we had off-road permits and filming permits for this national reserve, and two very experienced driver guides, used by Nat Geo, Imax and BBC."

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Gru 26/02/2014 16:09

C'est encore mieux qu'un chat, je veux un bébé lion.