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50 photos à voir sur Flick'r.

clipped from www.640pixels.com
50 Amazing Pictures You Must See on Flickr

We hand picked 50 amazing photos on Flickr. Most of the photographs on this page weren't taken by professional photographers, but by enthusiastic photographers like you and me. In fact, most of the pictures on flickr are taken by enthusiastic photographers, and it is a great tool both for learning and showing your pictures to thousands around the world.


To me, there are no rules in photography. Rules are meant to be broken and more often than not broken rules produce great photographs. All that matters is that you capture the moment in a way that draws a reaction. There is no formula to a great picture - when you take one you will know it.

Here are 50 pictures for you to draw inspiration from and learn from. Be inspired. Learn. Take pictures that make people go wow. Inspire others, and don't forget to enjoy the whole experience.
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