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Juste un grand rouleau

Houston, Texas, USA

D'après certains commentaires, ce n'est pas la première fois que ceci arrive. Dont acte ! Ce morceau de vaisseau spatial s'est donc échappé d'une quelconque usine de câble. On est au Texas avec son univers impitoyable, hein...


"I am the principal at Mirus Academy in Katy, Texas. We were taking a group of 25 teenagers to the Holocaust Museum in Houston. We were driving on an elevated section of 610. The bus driver suddenly braked. I looked up and the spool fell off the truck right in front if us. It would have hit us if the bus driver hadn't acted quickly. The spool bounced across the freeway, and hit the side barrier. It went up on the barrier for a brief moment, and I thought it was going to fall off the overpass. Fortunately it rolled back off the barrier, back to the middle of the freeway, and began rolling down the overpass. When I recovered from the initial scare, I grabbed my phone, and started recording."

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