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Max Cooper - Platonic

Ce clip psychédélique de Paraic McGloughlin est réalisé à partir d'un unique plan fixe en stop motion au-dessus d'une autoroute. Cette surenchère d'effets spéciaux donne un peu le tournis. Epileptiques s'abstenir !

" Most of the 100-120 layers of different sounds were synthesised, each layer comprising a specific aesthetic musically, but with little repetition, so that I could have something like a world of independent forms, related, but each its own distinct entity, all mixed together to push the overall complexity in line with the concept. This included many layers of synth processing - I tried to take each part and force it into new, but related forms. I enforced strict quantisation, trying to keep everything rhythmically stuck to grid, to give that feeling of sharpness and precision despite the mess of many layers. "

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