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Entouré de chiens menaçants

Keep Calm !

J'ai des frissons à regarder cette vidéo de ce type entouré de chiens sauvages et bien menaçants. Au bout du compte, ils sont 5 avec un dernier qui se rapproche dangereusement. Malheureusement, il n 'existe pas de méthode miracle pour s'extirper de ce pétrin. J'ai vu des vidéos où c'était bien plus simple d'effrayer un énorme ours en lui criant dessus d'une voix ferme et assurée.

i like to walk around very often. dog problem is big here. i have some observations i was nearly attacked (im glad that im not)before many times in the past. So there are rules.

1) always have pocket knife or something flashlight,pepper spray may work

2) there is always one dog that is leading. Find that dog he will be one or two steps closer to you and it will be big and fierce. if he try to bite kick him or trow bottle in his head to injure him..others will runnoff

3) Never turn your back on a dog or pack of dogs if they surround you immediately try to put your back on tree ,wall if u have near. never let them behind you look them in the eyes and start to move fast.

4) if they got closer there is a chance to bite you if you have near rocks,paves,cans of beer,bottles,wooden stick anything or a knife pull it out and be ready !!!

5) these dogs have territories...sometimes are bigger so prepare as you walking they will follow you till the end of their territory . once i ran on a highway because 7-8 dogs was after me. they stopped immediately when i stepped on the street. they know that cars can easily kill them!!! ;) use ur brain. nice guide tho

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