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[vidéo 360°] OFFF Barcelona 2018

OFFF Barcelona est un rout annuel d'agences de créativité vidéo avec pour devise, cette phrase de McLuhan : "The medium is the message".

Opening titles for Backwards, an event witnessing a new era of emerging talents hosted for the first time at OFFF Barcelona 2018.

If you look back, you sometimes realize that big things start with an insignificant situation.

The power of an image, its internet appropriation, a meme falling into the wrong hands and its real life consequences.
These are the main ingredients of a story of a self made character that looks back and around (thanks to a 360 environment) to explain how we got so close to a nuclear world war in 2018.

A story full of detailed layers, both graphic and narrative, you can discover by watching the experience from different angles.

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