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Un petit bijou d'animation en stop motion

Going Fishing, réalisé par Guldies.

Ce stop motion a nécéssité une grosse préparation matérielle et sa mise en images est la justaposition de 2 500 photos. Un travail d'orfèvre !

2500 still pictures (4530 taken) played in 18 FPS. Made in my bedroom on my desk. Shot with a Canon EOS 600D. Animated in Dragonframe, edited in Photoshop and Sony Vegas. Sound effects recorded with a Blue Yeti - a few downloaded from freesound(dot)org. After months of hard work GOING FISHING is finally here. I have never worked so hard. The animation is filled to the brim with new stuff I've never tried before. I animated with branches and leaves, paper, clay, fabric, fishing lures, forks and stones and moss and EVERYTHING I could think of.

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