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Frais d'accouchement : Suède vs USA

Frais d'accouchement : Suède vs USA

" $10,353 for a room and bed. Worst AirBNB ever. "

La facture suédoise équivaut à $23.73

Now, if you have insurance, insurance will pay nearly all of this. I think I owed ~1200 for my second kid (she was born in early January, so that was the deductable for the entire year) and just like 75 bucks for the first one (who was born in November, so all I had to pay was the co-pay).

Still, the level of hospital bullshit is off the charts. 10,000 for a room with a bed? Where are we, Vegas? But that's normal.

No one ever feels bad for the insurance companies, but they deal with bullshit like this all the time. If you're getting a medicine that's available over the counter, but in a prescription strength pill, the drug company will happily charge you hundreds of dollars for the pills, even though you could take 2-3 over the counter pills a day for pennies.

Edit: Yes, it should be noted that the insurance companies will bargain this number down to 10 or 20% of what you see here. Hospitals increase their costs, to try and force the insurance companies to pay more, insurance bargains it down, and passes the lack of savings on to you. The whole system is pretty dysfunctional.

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