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Californie : le facteur passe toujours après l'incendie

Image surréaliste que de voir la camionnette du facteur livrer le courrier dans la zone pavillonnaire dévastée de Santa Rosa.

Like the end of a Twilight Zone episode. The last human on earth is a USPS Mail carrier who still delivers the mail after the entire planet was scorched because it helps him stave off insanity. Like a lamer, sadder, more boring version of Will Smith from I Am Legend.

They are legally obligated to place your mail in your mailbox or mail slot. If for some reason they are not able to, they are required to hold mail at the post office for at lease 30 days. They should be holding all of these people's mail, if for anything just common courtesy.

This guy is most likely only doing this because of some stupid bureaucratic nonsense that says if he doesn't do his route, he doesn't get paid or they couldn't find something that tells them specifically what to do in this exact scenario and they are not legally allowed to use their brains, so they just did what they always do. Either way, a big waste of time and money and huge inconvenience and disservice to the public. Classic Postal Service.

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