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Sauvetage périlleux d'un chat dans un arbre

Cologne, Allemagne

Stefan Brockling, spécialiste du sauvetage des animaux, va tenter de sauver ce chat perché dans un arbre à 15 mètres du sol. L'affaire va se révéler plus difficile que prévu, le chat ayant peur et grimpant encore plus haut.

In Cologne, Germany, animal rescuer Stefan Brockling is attending what he presumed to be a routine feline extraction, when suddenly things took a turn for the worst. Attempting to capture the kitty using a netted pole from a fourth-floor bedroom window, the terrified tomcat flees higher up the towering tree. Stefan resorts to scaling his way up the branches to only once again see the fugitive feline climb higher, this time to the very top. Now completely unreachable, Stefan sensationally improvises by throwing a net to spectators below instructing them to catch ‘Casimir’, as with a few swift jabs, the cat is sent safely flying from the tree.

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