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L'hôtel scanné

Pas vraiment un scan de l'hôtel mais un assemblage complexe de 10 000 photos donnant l'illusion d'une vision de l'imagerie médicale.

Our line of vision on architectural structures is limited to either facades or interior based on where we are observing it from. This limited perspective usually lacks hints on overall complexity of the building and it usually is impossible for us to visualize the contexture as a whole.

Photogrammetry enables the buildings to be fully scanned in 3 dimensions with true scale both from inside and outside. Texture of the model being generated from photographs, overall model presents documental value.

Hotels are rich in spatial variety: Along with the residential elements such as bedrooms, living rooms, restrooms and kitchens, hotels also contain lobbies, bars, cafes, restaurants, fitness courts, spas, meeting rooms and exhibition spaces therefore it reflects visual complexity.

Oddviz documents and presents Sofa Hotel with complete interior detail in their work "Hotel". Nearly 10,000 photos have been taken, processed and arranged according to the architectural plan. Final model is then visualized as sections of it are being removed during a video resembling medical imaging practices. This way, interior becomes observable with an optically impossible perspective.

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