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Mont Tianmen - Chine - Escaliers de la porte du ciel avec leurs 999 marches (Wikipédia)

Ce qui me sidère, c'est la passivité de certains touristes qui ne bougent pas d'un millimètre en voyant notre homme arriver !

Et puis, coup de chapeau aux gars qui ont installé ces éléments dans un des escaliers les plus vertigineux au monde ! Level Asia !

My name is Calen Chan, and this is a FULL POV RUN of the Skyladder Parkour course at Tianman Mountain in China! I had the wonderful opportunity to come and play here at this beautiful location called Heaven's Gate. It has an average incline of 45 degrees, and is 999 steps long (about 3 football fields)! Obviously this was difficult, and I physically couldn't sprint down the entire path of deadly drops without slowing down, but I did my best! I am the only person to do the whole thing with a GoPro in my mouth, so please help a guy out and give it a share! ;)

Superbe piste de parkour !
Tag(s) : #sport, #GoPro, #vertige

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