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Quand tu n'as pas de casse-croûte à midi


Quand tu n'as rien et que tu te sens seul, il reste quand même une ressource.


ts a story. a symbol. a metaphor. its not only about school lunches. there is a bigger idea than what is literally shown on the screen. its a story that symbolizes a bigger human situation than just school lunches.

its about people overall sharing what they can so fewer people have nothing. like, maybe old clothing? or in the form of monetary donations? or maybe even actual food but like, canned food? doesnt matter. like, not just green grapes for kids to each at lunch time. the commercial is about more than that. its not just about kids eating food at school. its not just about school lunch in sweden or wherever this is from.

its symbolic.

its using a little story about boy in school to tell a grander story about all people. its not just about what is happening on the surface in the commercial. its got message beneath the superficial story youre shown. its about humans as a whole, being generally less selfish overall to reduce suffering for everyone.

the details arent that important. it doesnt matter where the school is, for instance. or that the boy is blonde and has a silver lunch box. or whether he has any siblings at home or if he's an orphan or what color his bike may be. that stuff doesnt matter. there's more to it than that.

stories are abstractions of reality, and often they have messages beyond what they are superficially about.

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