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Le cycle de vie d'un gros scarabée

New beetle

Le Dynaste Hercule, un des plus gros insectes au monde, de l'œuf à la grosse bêbête carapaçonnée en passant par ses états de larve, chenille et et nymphe en métamorphoses successives.


  • Carries up to 100 times its weight; absolute max.
  • Eats rotting wood as larvae; fruit as adult; no meat or eyeball juice (phew.)
  • They can indeed fly like in Lion King.
  • The Starship Troopers "arachnid" jaw can't hurt you, it's used by males for fighting (only males have it.) Coming flying at you it can frighten you (me) to death though.
  • They are super chill.
  • If one ever flies in my general vicinity I will be awestruck, followed by smacking it halfway to the moon because fuck that no(i)se.
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