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Des gardes du corps du président Erdogan agressent des opposants kurdes à Washington.

En marge de la rencontre Trump/Erdogan à Washington

Quand tu vois les gardes du corps du Président Erdogan  qui agressent les kurdes à Washington, imagine en Turquie.

Ces manifestants étaient là de manière pacifique dans un type de protestation classique aux USA. Les Turcs d'Erdogan ne sont pas habitués à la liberté d'expression qui est l'honneur de toute démocratie. Ils ont donc fait comme chez eux. Pourquoi s'embêter ? La police américaine se contente de tenter de retenir les hommes de main du dictateur turc.

Bilan : neuf blessés. Sous Trump, une milice paramilitaire étrangère peut donc agresser des citoyens américains sur son sol sans être inquiétée...

Comme on peut le constater sur cette vidéo, cette manifestation était pacifique.

Par comparaison, comment cela s'est passé aux Pays Bas...

Des gardes du corps du président Erdogan agressent des opposants kurdes à Washington.


erdogan wanted the Turkish population to vote to give him more power (basically he's trying to become a dictator) He wants Turks in other countries (like the Netherlands) to vote as well, and to ensure they'd vote for him, he sent out government officials to convince the Dutch turks to vote for him.

The Dutch government did NOT appreciate him spreading his dictator message in Holland and explicitly forbade erdogans minister to come to Holland. erdogan threatened the dutch government and sent her anyway. The Dutch authorities told them she would be denied entry at the airport so they went to Germany and then went by car. Dutch intelligence got word of this, went to intercept them, but they sent multiple convoys as decoys, and she got through all the way to the Turkish embassy in Rotterdam (the other side of the country, at the coast)

She finally got stopped in the city itself, police surrounded her can to prevent her from entering the embassy (or consulate), she sent out her body guards to intimidate the Dutch police. Police responded with requesting the swat teams, and with that we arrived at this picture.

They had a lot of turks already out there and even though she was forbidden to do so she tried to talk to them anyway, the entire thing turned into a riot circus, the consulate organized a riot in front of their doors, and more riot police had to come I to manage the situation. In the end she was forced back to germany under police escort.

Mission accomplished, Turkey knew very damn well what would happen, forced the issue anyway, and afterwards got to play the victim card, calling the Dutch Nazis.

This is just erdogan showing turkish population that his little chicken balls aren't really that tiny.

Edit: Add to this list that he wanted a german comedian jailed because he joked about him (and for a while it actually looked like the german govermnent would do so!), then this morning Turkey violating Greek airspace the entire day, etc.. This dude is becoming a problem..


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