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Jeune et jolie...et musicale !

Bittersweet Concerto

Loops stratosphériques et jolie mélodie de  Kawehi dans une rue de Lawrence au Kansas, je plane !

Has someone ever brought you down? Made you question your worth? When I wrote this song, I was sick of people treating me like some silly woman. I needed a Fight Song - and not a lame one telling me that I'm a good person and to be positive - I'm talking about an I-Am-Woman-Hear-Me-Roar kind of Fight Song. A song I could use to psych myself up, to remind myself that I'm here, I'm strong as hell, and I'm not going anywhere, yo!! Of course I wrote it for me originally, so there were lots of cussing:). But I hope you can use it for yourself - no matter what gender or race or how much money you have in your bank account - be your own fucking hurricane!!!
Shot live in one take by Paul on the streets of #LFK - this is (Not Another Lame) Fight Song.

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