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Pas besoin d'une batterie complète pour faire preuve de dextérité. Un drum pad, deux baguettes maniées avec une aisance déconcertante et c'est parti pour une performance bluffante.

Us drummers tend to break drumming down into categories like jazz, rock, metal, latin, etc. We often forget that there is an even bigger divide between drumline drummers, and drumset drummers. The divide is so great that I actually consider them to be two different instruments.

Don't be intimidated, this guy wouldn't sound that great behind a kit. Conversely most kit drummers couldn't play half of what the guy in the video did, and those that could wouldn't play it near as clean.

It's like a vert skater vs. a longboarder. Yes they both skateboard, but the skillset is so different you can't even compare the two.

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