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Casser une Ferrari à 300 000$ pour impressionner sa petite amie

Accélérer dans un virage ? Pourquoi pas !

So the car basically had the entire passenger side damaged. every component. That rear flank is all aluminum and costs $38K alone and it was trashed! I wish I had taken more photos but I was not in the right mindset to do a full photos shoot. It was determined almost immediately that it was a total loss by the body shop and insurance company. Very sad. I will go into the whole experience on an upcoming VLOG.

The car was determined a total loss by his insurance. It was sort of a rental. We do driving tours in Colorado. So he paid to drive the car, but it was a set route, which is why he was following me in the Lamborghini. His insurance covered the whole cost of the damage though, which was about $270,000

Did he lose his license ?

No, he was actually completely truthful when the cops asked us about it, so they just gave him a careless driving ticket.

As for the drives, we do this day in, day out, 6 days a week, year-round, as long as the weather permits it. This is the only customer wreck we've had. We also had an employee wreck a McLaren 2 years ago though. I believe that video will be uploaded soon to our YouTube channel.

It's pretty easy to be able to drive these cars, and most people are extremely respectful. We also use a lead car (which is what I was doing in the Lamborghini) to keep people in line. We've learned from a few incidents and close calls, and we've gotten a lot better at keeping people from hurting themselves.


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