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Petite bénédiction en Amérique du sud

Child abuse

Ce serait d'après les exégètes, un passage rituel de type communion. Moi, j'appelle ça se faire tirer les cloches !

For anyone wondering what's happening here, this is a Catholic church in Cuzco, Peru. The bishop is performing a ritual Incan blessing known as the Yayohuascotly. Each participant is being rebuked for the sins of his ancestors for creating the Nazca Lines and not leaving behind any documentation or records of the space aliens they were creating the rocky pictograms for and thus pissing me off for the bulk of my adult life. I started this a few years back by paying the priest in cheap Cachaça and a handful of gold Sacagawea dollars I was trying to get rid of. Good to see he's keeping up his end of the deal.



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