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Alep : l'insoutenable

/!\ Document vidéo très difficile à regarder /!\

Ce chroniqueur d'une télévision turque fond en larmes devant les images d'un enfant opéré sans anesthésie car il n'y a plus de produits sanitaires dans la ville.

Starts with "Bir kuytu köşede..."
-In a sheltered nook, they're trying to heal up his wounds. He's heavily wounded. There is no narcosis. Therefore anesthesia could not be done because it(narcosis) doesn't exist. They're trying to make a surgery while he's alive. Let's see how they doin' it.
Then video starts to play.

-This is the second time I watched this.
+Turgay I am an historian. Throughout the history, too many cruels came through. I've insulted to Phraoh, X(someone I couldn't put a name on him), Neron. I apologize to them. These dishonests, dastards... *starts to cry He's a five year old child. During anestesia, he's reading aloud verses of the Koran to not to feel pain. Damn this world... (Or It could be translated as "Hope this world sinks").

EDIT1: Sorry if I did any mistakes.
*EDIT2: Assad supporters attacked to the retreat convoy in Aleppo. There are at least 14 dead. *

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