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Le con et le panda


Cet abruti est entré par effraction dans l'enclos du panda pour épater ses petites amies. Manque de pot ce panda (comme certains curés français) est un ancien judoka. L'abruti s'en sortira sans blessures sinon celle de son amour propre. Bravo Monsieur Panda !

A tourist sneaked into a panda house in Nanchang Zoo in southeast China’s Jiangxi province on October 27, 2016, was seen “wrestling” with the owner of the house for some five minutes before he finally managed to escape.
The man was reportedly having a tour in the zoo with two female companions before making an attempt to climb into the panda house to tease the sleeping panda. He did manage to wake the panda. The disturbed panda was then seen on surveillance footage hugging the man’s leg before sitting on him. The man was enveloped in panda’s “hug” for around five minutes and stuck. Only when the panda rolled over its body could the man ran off.
The man, surnamed Chen, said afterwards that he was trying to show off to his female “friends” by teasing the panda. Chen later underwent a medical check and was found unharmed.

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