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Visite virevoltante de Shanghai

Shanghai Forever

Speed visite virtuose de la ville aux 4 000 immeubles et aux 25 millions d'habitants. On ressort éreinté de ce palimpseste visuel qui vous écartèle la vision. Trois minutes à savourer plein écran qui vont vous laisser pantois à force de travellings et d'effets de caméras. Que retiendrez-vous ? Rien, ou presque : cela s'appelle une carte postale. Bons baisers de Shanghai !


Urbanist and media artist JT Singh has captured the vibrance and massive scale of Shanghai’s skyline, streets, and infrastructure through a series of experimental projects viewed by millions (This is Shanghai, Walk in Shanghai, etc); hence, contributing greatly to the city's growing global status. With this new film, he turns to the Shanghai of its residents, the lives that revolve not around the city’s 4000 skyscrapers, but around the simpler ways of living, the local charm, and the familiar corner.

Amid the chaos of millions of people living and working with one another, the rich textures and smells, the voices and faces young and old, and the signs of tradition and change dwell behind each door and around each corner. With JT's riveting visual storytelling, viewers experience a series of impressions around historic shikkumen neighbourhoods, which foster a network of real-life experiences, memories, and encounters with locals, which are the tender heart keeping the city alive and charming to live in. Shanghai’s iconic skyline is symbolic of its presence as a premier global city, but below the towers, the intimate, and human story that unfolds is what will always be part of the city’s core DNA.

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