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23 façons d'être tué par la police si vous êtes noir aux USA

Black Lives Matter

Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Pink, Bono, and others explain why it's time to take action to heal the long history of systemic racism in America.

Spot assez angélique. Quelques faits plus précis au-dessous de cette vidéo.

1: Sandra Bland wasn't killed for failing to signal a lane change. She chose to commit suicide.

2: Philander Castile wasn't killed for riding in girlfriend's car with a child in the back. He chose to pull a gun on a police officer and was justifiably shot in self defense.

3. Ramarley Graham wasn't killed for running to the bathroom in his own apartment. He chose to pull a gun on a police officer during a lawful drug arrest.

4. Eric Gardner was not killed for selling cigarettes. He chose to assault 5 police officers and died due to combination of the officers defending against his assault and his own poor health.

5. Freddie Gray wasn't killed for making eye contact. He was arrested for choosing to possess an illegal weapon and, according to multiple impartial juries presented with all the facts, his death was not a homicide.

6. Alton Sterling was not killed for selling CDs. He chose to point his gun at a civilian who called 911 and then chose to pull that same gun on the responding officers.

7. Trayvon Martin was not killed for wearing a hoodie. He chose to attack George Zimmerman and was shot in self defense.

8. Mario Woods was not killed for walking away from the police. He chose to stab a third party who called 911 for help then charged at the responding officers, bloody knife in hand screaming "You better squeeze that and kill me!"

9. Laquan MacDonald was not killed for walking toward police. He chose to charge at a police officer with a knife in his hand.

10. Tamir Rice was not killed for holding a fake gun. He chose to point a toy made by a company who's entire marketing strategy is to make them them look exactly like the real thing, forcing the officer to fire in what he had every reason to believe was an imminent threat to his life.

11. Sean Bell was not killed for sitting in his car. He chose to run over a police officer while intoxicated and was shot while fleeing the scene.

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