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1941 : une bataille en Lego

La Bataille de Brody, aussi appelée Bataille de Dubna, Bataille de Doubno, Bataille de Rovne ou encore Bataille de Rovne-Brody, fut une bataille de chars livrée par le 1er Panzer Group du IIIe Corps d'Armée et le XLVIII Corps d'Armée (motorisé) allemands contre 5 Corps mécanisés des 5e et 6e armées soviétiques dans le triangle formé par les villes de Doubno, Lutzk et Brody dans le nord de l'Ukraine entre le 23 et le 30 juin 1941.

What I love most of all is the attention to detail in not just the animation & lego, but the actual battle itself, as well as the encounter with the Soviet KV-1 tank you see in the video.

Here is a detailed account from a German soldier who actually had to face this beast in 1941:

An account by the Thuringian 1st Panzer Division describes this battle:

The KV-1 and KV-2, which we first met here, were really something! Our companies opened fire at about 800 yards, but [they] remained ineffective. We moved closer and closer to the enemy, who for his part continued to approach us unconcerned. Very soon we were facing each other at 50 to 100 yards. A fantastic exchange of fire took place without any visible German success. The Russian tanks continued to advance, and all armour-piercing shells simply bounced off them. Thus we were presently faced with the alarming situation of the Russian tanks driving through the ranks of 1st Panzer Regiment towards our own infantry and our hinterland. Our Panzer Regiment therefore about turned and rumbled back with the KV-1s and KV-2s roughly in line with them. In the course of that operation we succeeded in immobilizing some of them with special purpose shells at very close range - 30 to 60 yards. A counter attack was launched and the Russians were thrown back. A protective front established and defensive fighting continued.

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