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Les Simpsons, années 80

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Le générique des Simpsons revisité à la sauce vintage - Jolie musique (Push it to the limit - Scarface) La scène

C'est un cercle : cette animation qui commence dans les années 80 les pastiche maintenant. Inside : Miami Vice, GTA Vice City, Scarface, Kung Fury, Tron... Cherchez les références.

Arrêts sur image

0:23-Principal Skinner and what looks like Waylon Smithers in the car shooting at Homer. Note that on the white car, the number plate is spelt "SKINN3R".

0:30-Patty and Selma held hostage at gunpoint by Ned. Also in the shot from left to right are Moe Szyslack, Snake Jailbird, Barney Gumble, Sideshow Bob, Mr. Burns dressed as Doc from Back to the Future and a cameo of Marty Mcfly from Back to the Future.

0:33-Krusty the Clown (top left), Moe once again and the two security guards getting shot are Dr. Hibbert on the left and Comic Book Guy on the right.

0:35-Not too sure about this but it appears to be a reference to Tron.

0:38-If you look in the background to the buildings in the city, there's a building with the name "BURNS" on it. Probably referencing Mr. Burns.

0:41-Snake and Sideshow Bob again.

0:44-Bart and Lisa Simpson.

0:50-Chief Wiggum with a photo behind Ned Flanders of what could possibly be his sons Rod and Todd.

0:55-The meter goes to "MAX POWER" which is a nod to the episode where Homer changed his name to "Max Power". (good find by xbatusai).

0:56-Around Marge are Apu, what looks like Hans Moleman, Dr. Nick and Groundskeeper Willie. Also has Kent Brockman the News Reporter on the TV.

0:58-Comic Book Guy on the left with the guy on the right being the Mafia Boss Fat Tony (ironic when you think about it).

1:04-Carl getting strangled.

1:05-Lenny getting a karate chop to the neck, portrait of Ned in the background.

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