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Le semi-remorque vs le train

République tchèque

Ce chauffeur de poids lourd polonais malgré les feux rouges clignotants et l'alarme s'engage sur ce passage à niveau et cela va être le désastre.


On 22 July 2015, a truck driver of Polish nationality was driving from Poland to Hungary with a load of aluminium plates. The driver chose a slow and time-consuming route on local roads in order to save money on highway tolls.[4] The driver drove through a rail crossing near the Studénka train station. The crossing was protected by signal lighting and gates, and the driver entered the crossing when the red lights accompanied by acoustic signal were on for at least 30 seconds. The driver drove into the crossing despite warnings and as the gates went down, he stopped the truck on the tracks.[4] Instead of ramming through the gate, which is constructed so as to allow even a motorbike to penetrate the barrier and automatically sends a stop signal to all approaching trains if breached, the driver moved the truck only a few metres forward in order to avoid a direct impact to its cab, with its trailer carrying aluminium sheets remaining on the track.[4] After a few seconds, train SC 512 Pendolino emerged from the curve leading to the crossing at 160 km/h (99 mph).[4]

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