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La vidéo virale du chien adopté

Je l'avais vue la semaine passée et cela m'avait arraché le cœur et j'avais donc décidé de ne pas la poster ici. Depuis, elle est devenue virale et très connue, je la partage.

Its happening in Romania, its a living hell for the stray dogs.. and all this nightmare is happening under the name of Public Animal Protection..so this public animal protection brutally torture and kill this poor dogs. This public "shelters" are a living hell..the emplyees treat the animals with inimaginable cruelty and kill the dogs in sadistic ilegal ways. All this tragedy is a business for some politicians and city mayors, because "on papper", this dogs are fictionally well treated, fed and euthanized, meaning hundreds of Euros for each dog, money that goes to this murderes pockets. My blood boils and my heart bleeds everytime I see on the news or on facebook new footage and information revealing this massacre thats happening behind closed doors. Thank God that we have a few non profit organizations led by real animal lovers, that do the best they can saving animals and deal with the authorities.

Ce chien a donc été adopté voici les premières photos.

La vidéo virale du chien adopté
La vidéo virale du chien adopté
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