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Une abeille ? Vraiment ?

"I don't care !"

Double faute. Le motard, roulant à vive allure ne respecte pas la limitation et double sur la ligne jaune. L'automobiliste fait un écart à gauche et va le percuter et surtout il va proférer ce révoltant "Je n'en ai rien à faire !" tout en ajoutant qu'il a été gêné par une abeille.

to bad so sad motorcycle riders speeding and driving illegally on the wrong side of the road .and the driver of the car said he was stung by a wasp in his car which caused him to swerve....if the bikers were not breaking the laws of the road then they would not have been beside the white car as it swerved......break the law then you get what you deserved and more.......since they were caught on video breaking several laws which in turn lead to the accident.............ride legal and this wont happen to you most likely........sorry ,but you and your fiends chose to break the laws while riding your motorcycles and should not have been on the wrong side of the road placing you next to the car that happened to swerve was driving legally....I'm thinking this case should be thrown out of court do to the video evidence.. break the law get broken bones and road rash or worse.......now you know what breaking any law will get you even if its not on video...criminals think they should be able to drive on the wrong side of the road anytime they please.........sucks to be yo

John Barfneck

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