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Le chien conduit (un joli fake)

On pourrait s'y laisser avoir mais non. Définitvement, cette voiture est une RC Car à télécommande intégrale : accélérétion, freinage et direction.

Not to ruin the fun but, the video is a completely fake the dog does jack shit other than just sit there. I know the description says that the car is remote controlled to accelerate and stop, but the dog is not steering at all. At 0:25 the steering wheel turns clockwise ( to the right ) for the dog to pull that off it would either have to move its left paw to the right side or use it right paw to pull the steering wheel. Neither of which happen throughout the video and the dog's right paw always stays on the windshield. Making the idea that it was steering the kid impossible. Cute video, but don't lie to people about what really going on. A better title would be "Cute Boy and his Dog ride in a RC Car"

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