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Define Beauty: In Praise of Body Fat

Director James Lees explores the sensuality of body fat for NOWNESS'S original series challenging beauty standards. Featuring porn star Brock Avery and model Vanity Fox. Read the full feature on NOWNESS

Des tabous, ces corps que l'on dénigre, que l'on ne saurait voir. A l'autre extrémité de l'anorexie, l'obésité. L'une est totémique, l'autre forclose. Provocation ? Sans doute, tant il faut bien secouer le cocotier pour que tombent les singes que nous sommes en pâmoison devant ces corps longilignes et décharnés à la Giacometti. La chaitr, les bourrelets, les replis et affaissements de la peau sont nos repoussoirs actuels. Leur mise en valeur met en question notre regard sur la promptitude de nos jugements que jamais personne n'interroge.

Deux points de vue différents :

"Cool, so where's the fat guy with the model gawking and caressing his body? No? So this movement is only for landwhales wanting to be seen as hot and get Adonis men to come after them? I see....double standard dipshits."

Nana Kofi

"God, all the people claiming, this is a promotion of obesity.. 1. Why is it okay to show all these anorexic girls in magazines than? This should be a much bigger issue than this, since representing unhealthily skinny women seems to have become the norm, even though it's just as unhealthy as this is. 2. I'm pretty sure that this isn't a promotion of obesity (of course), I think they're trying to say that there isn't just ONE beauty ideal and everyone has it's own taste and everyone should feel comfortable in their bodies. And I think they probably chose the example of an obese woman, because fat shaming is probably one of the biggest reasons for bullying or judging nowadays AND it seems to be the opposite of beauty with beauty hypes like the "thigh gap" and stuff like this going on. It's just an exaggerated example to provoke people and make them think. Why is one unhealthy extreme okay and the other isn't? Why do we all have the same idea of beauty?"

Tatjana S

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