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Los Angeles filmée d'un drone

Cette vidéo de LA a été réalisée par Ian Wood.

Musique : If you ain't never had the blues - Boo Boo Davies

Carte des endroits filmés.

My Drone Protocol
- Avoid busy periods, rush hours, special events, etc.
- Avoid sensitive areas or anything that can be misconstrued without prior permission.
- Avoid crowds. Small groups only from the periphery with ground spotters and two-way radios.
- No flights near airports, TFR areas and restricted airspace (FAA class B, C, D).
- Be prepared for local air traffic below 400ft including awareness of helipad locations.
- Operate at or below roof lines to assure separation from air traffic.
- Avoid “loitering" next to residential homes and apts.
- Respect residential areas for quiet and right to privacy.
- Eliminate any material that inadvertently reveals someone in a place of privacy.

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