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Mirror's Edge IRL, enfin IRL...

Parcours du con battant

C'est à la mode ces temps-ci de mettre en scène les jeux vdéo. La semaine dernière, on a eu droit à un joli GTA V Real. Cette semaine, c'est le jeu de parkour Mirror's Edge qui a droit à un époustouflant relifting. Pas mal d'effets spéciaux dont certains expliqués sous cette vidéo.

A lot of clever camera work with some extremely skilled parkour artists, audio cues from the game, some UI work from the game, and some CGI effects in the end.

Notice how, for example, in the part where the runner breaks through the ceiling into a warehouse there's a flash of white on-screen, and suddenly he's inside. This was a camera trick.

Or when, after leaving the warehouse and scaling the wall just outside, as soon as the runner reaches the roof the lighting changes ever so slightly, but the aesthetic of the building also changes drastically. A brick and mortar building with a rooftop like that? It's not impossible but it's likely just another clever trick.

Audio effects are taken right out of the game's library. Footage likely taken from some kind of GoPro setup, and pieced together in a video editor.

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