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Cet automobiliste renverse un scooter mais le motard va le rattraper


While on a motorcycle tour my pillion and I witnessed a hit and run against a scooter rider. While my passenger and some pedestrians provided first aid to the scooter rider, I decided to chase the accident perpetrator.

When I finally caught him we had the discussion shown in the clip.

In the aftermath I called the police. The scooter driver was brought to a hospital, but is generally not hurt too badly. He was suffering from a severe shock though.

I found the spot. Go and punch the offender in the face!
No! Don't do that. Self justice is in no way better than what he did. There's evidence, there's at least four witnesses. There is no way he's gonna get away with this. Let the authorities and only the authorities do their job.

Dashcams are illegal in Germany. Do you expect trouble?
No I don't. The cam is not mounted to the vehicle and it also isn't always on. I admitted to the police I had filmed the incident. They asked me why I record traffic and I said I do it for the scenery and to have a memory (touristic purposes). They took the SD-Card and mailed it back to me a week later without deleting anything. So I think they're ok with it.

How did you know he turned left?
I could see him. The GoPro has a fisheye lens and everthing appears more distant than it is. Also in the video when I approach the junction you can see him thru the fences on the left.

Will you keep us posted?
Yes I will. Don't expect it to be soon though. Courts are usually overallocated. Set a bookmark and check back every once in a while ;)

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