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Dove Choose Beautiful

The girl next door

Une campagne Dove contre la mauvaise image de soi que les femmes se donnent. A choisir un portique entre "belle" et "moyenne", la modestie sociale impose son choix qui, à rebours façonne une image de soi tendant vers un manque d'estime culpabilisant. L'épanouissement vient de l'intérieur, tel est le message.

Quelques commentaires YouTube

No "Hideous" door for me to walk through. Guess I can't come in. Can y'all throw me soap and I'll just throw you the money ?

Does no one want to mention the woman who walked up, read the words "beautiful" and "average," and then turned and walked away?

This ad is great, especially because it highlights how OTHER WOMEN can influence their friends and family regarding how they perceive themselves.

The company put up signs that said "beautiful" and "average" above the entryways of shopping centers in five cities, San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and Sao Paulo, and watched as women contemplated about which door to enter.

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