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Game of Thrones : Tournoi des 6 nations

Laquelle des six s'assoiera sur le trône de fer ?

La BBC reprend le générique de GOT pour annoncer le Tournoi des 6 nations.

Wales would definitely be House Targaryen. The crown was violently taken from us by the brutal yet alcoholic House Baratheon that is Ireland, but the Dragon is seeking revenge...

England is obviously House Lannister, because no one else likes them, but they think they're better than everyone else. Although Phil Vickery/Tyrion is more likeable - talks a lot though...

France are House Stark because they were once dominant and respected but have since been decimated... Although there is some young talent in that team ready to take the world by force again....

Scotland are Castle Black. Stuck up north, relatively weak but resilient and perhaps a growing force to be reckoned with under their new Commander.

Italy are... um.... basically Ser Dontos.

Oliver Lloyd (YouTube)

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