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Il saute d'une falaise en...kite surf !

Je n'ai pas l'impression que ce petit parachute soit fait pour ça. Néanmoins, le saut depuis une falaise de 900 mètres d'altitude est réussi...

A daredevil sportsman plunged off a 900m cliff - higher than the world's tallest building - with nothing more than an inflatable KITE to break his fall. Fearless Marek Zach, 34, is a kite-surfing champion and usually uses his 14 metre-wide canopy to glide above waves or snow for around ten seconds at a time.

But the father-of-one is claiming he became the first person to complete an extreme jump with just a flimsy windbreak after his stunning leap off a mountain in Turkey.

Holidaymakers gasped as he flung himself into the air and battled with competing winds and sharp rocks which could easily have snapped his strings.
Read more at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=ca5_1420137864#82dac225wJEYDWDp.99

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oui effectivement c'est une voile de kitesurf dont l'utilisation a été détournée !