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Du haut du Mont Blanc en speedriding

Caméras avant et arrière pour cette folle descente d'' Aaron Durogati le long des pentes glacées du Mt Blanc.Le speedriding est un combo ski/parapente.

You might be asking yourself, "What the heck is speedriding?" Well, Wikipedia will tell you that it's a unique combo of freeskiing, paragliding, and parachuting to access and ski terrain that would otherwise be considered unrideable. What it doesn't tell you is that it's likely one of the gnarliest and most fun ways to enjoy the entire mountain in one run. Aaron Durogati proves just that in his POV run down Mont Blanc. So, sit back, and prepare yourself for 120 seconds of pure speedriding through an alpine playground ripe full of fresh powder and unlimited possibilities.

Sinon, dans un autre genre, il y a ceci :

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