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On refait 300 ?

Faux raccord

Le cinéma, inépuisable source d'inspiration pour tous ces gamins qui refont les films.

Growing up used to be a bore. As you grew older and more responsible you lost the right to dream, to play act, to exercise your imagination and just be heroic, for a moment. Then the 21st century came along and the cinema went all CGI and cinematography took us right into the heart of the action and YouTube became a thing and you know what? There is simply no reason at all why you can't get together with some friends and re-enact that moment from the 300 when the Spartan warriors made history and put a serious dent in the Persian Empire's pride.

Here's your chance to enjoy that moment again (and again, and again) in 42 seconds of unremitting cinematic brilliance (there is even a continuity error). Have a great Monday

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