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Démontage d'un Airbus pour maintenance

Comme un avion sans ailes

Un A380 d'Emirates est désossé et remonté par deux équipes en 55 jours.

The first A380 delivered to Emirates completes a 3-C Check, the largest maintenance check on any aircraft.

Watch An Airbus A380 Go Through Its Incredible 55-Day Maintenance Check.
A heavy maintenance check on the world's largest passenger plane is no small task. Emirates recently completed a "3C - check" for its first A380, which took 55 days and two teams of people to complete. The airline made a great video of the process, so let's give it a look.
The event took place in Dubai, and the aircraft being worked on is registered A6-EDA. It had flown about 3,000 flights and carried roughly 1.2 million passengers since being delivered to Emirates in July, 2008. During the check, over 1,600 parts were removed from the cabin, overhauled, and put back into place. Each of the four engines were also removed, inspected and overhauled.
While all of the seats were out, they were reupholstered, carpet was replaced throughout the plane, and each of the wall panels were re-laminated. Emirates VP of base engineering Colin Disspain said that because the airline operates in the harsh climate of Dubai, their maintenance standards are higher than required by Airbus or governmental authorities. Emirates president Tim Clark recently said that they expect to get about 12-15 years of use from each A380, (of which the airline currently has 55) and that afterward, they'll be parked in the desert and scrapped.

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