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Cette vidéo d'un enfant syrien sauvant une petite fille est une mise en scène

Cette vidéo est postée un peu partout sur la toile. Malheureusement, ce n'est qu'un fake habilement troussé.

"The the boy is 'hit' there's a veritable explosion of dust - way more than a normal bullet hit would cause on even the dustiest of clothing (pause the video at 0:36 to see this). Also listen very closely - you can actually hear something exploding right when it happens on the video.

After being 'hit', he takes the time to slow down to a stop and he's intentionally leaning backwards (video at 0:37) to brake his run.

Having come to a stop, he dramatically falls to his knees at 0:38, before softly plopping onto the ground, falling in such a way that it won't hurt him.

If you're at a dead run and you get shot, you're going down hard, and it won't be pretty like that (nor will you get up again and run just fine - he doesn't even reflexively clench his 'wound' with one arm or anything).

There are more problems - if this is fake, then the shooting of the first guy who runs out is also fake, and I think it is for two reasons. One, why is the camera zoomed in, pointing exactly at that doorway when the guy runs out? Why not at the boy who was presumably already just lying in the street which they 'find' later (and going back to the boy for a second, why is he just lying on his back in the middle of the street when we first see him?)

And so the first guy runs out. Where the hell exactly is he running to and why? Think about the positions of the shooters - they have to be off to the right somewhere. Why is this unarmed dude breaking cover and running towards them?

There's just far too many things wrong with this to be a real video. I'm completely confident that this was staged as propaganda to make the shooters look like monsters for shooting at unarmed civilians and children.

Check this out - I managed to pause at one of the first frames of the 'dust explosion', and it looks to me like he's wearing a pair of small smoke / dust explosion devices that simultaneously go off - look how both clouds expand from a pinpoint on his shirt."

source Reddit

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