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La vieille dame au piano

Le bruit si gênant des pièces (Remarque qui, prise au premier degré, pourrait paraître chiraquienne)

Her own variation based on Robert Schumann - Symphonic Studies op.13. Oui, en fait c'est une variation autour d'une étude de Schumann.

why can't they drop those damn coins silently ?

Gabriel Tora

To some extent, I thought just like you. But thinking better... Damn this cultural industry hypocrisy. The noise of coins falling and interfering with the almost celestial or angelic sound of this amnonymous beautiful lady is her voice and many like her, saying that resists against the rigors of the hypocritical society that establishes a standard feature of age and rejects those that are out of this pattern. Coins falling and making an annoying noise is the sound of the hard struggle of human beings trying to break the chains that the cultural industry establishes itself as beautiful. It really should have a "truck full of coins" dirtying the sound to prove that the people paid to see people like this lady outside the established standard. This current paradigm must be broken!

Elieu d'Oliviéré

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