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Une belle rencontre


Cet enfant, atteint du syndrome de Williams rencontre un cheval. La vidéo a été filmée et mise en ligne par le papa de ce petit bonhomme pour sensibiliser les gens sur cette maladie et également sur l'affection que peut apporter un animal, le réconfort. C'est ici le premier contact du petit garçon avec l'animal. Le cheval ne fait attention qu'au petit garçon et réagit de manière très douce. Les enfants atteints par le syndrome de Williams recherchent l'affection, mais à leur manière, avec des signes qu'il faut décrypter et que les animaux ressentent certainement...

Chanson Amy Guess - Shoulder

This is the most exciting record I've ever documented.

I have been working with horses for 15 years and could not believe how emotional intelligence has a horse and how a horse feels "special children". This is a new horse here ..

My son suffers from Williams syndrome, and is one of the 150 patients with the disorder in Israel.
One of the problems among patients with the disorder Williams is the right contact.They are very loving affection and love and very cordial and enjoy the attention, but often do not know .w'how to contact the right way

The video shows the boy made initial contact with the horse and how the horse responds to the child curiosity and some concern but nevertheless contains it and get used to the speed and the natural movements of the child. The child seems excitable meeting and allows the child to cuddle. The horse went specifically to child, even though I was there and he was not interested in me at all

When I got home and watched the video I realized the power of that moment of my son and the horse. The horse followed every movement of the child, yet allowed the child to approach and contact him. When the boy hugged his leg and was close to him, the horse was not a moment dared to change the angle it is his standing as if afraid to hurt him or step on the child all the time the child was close to him. You can see the horse being attentive to the child's side every moment, even when it seemed he was just standing still and resting. The horse did not move his foreleg Although it provided was less convenient for him. We would appreciate if you share the exciting video to promote awareness of Williams Syndrome in Israel and worldwide. Williams children are angels of love and one of them is my dear son, erez. This is dedicated to you my boy, the boy changed my life and made my world forever . Love you

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