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Paris sous la bruine

Paris when it drizzles, petit film entre photo et vidéo. La ville aux toits gris à qui le gris va si bien, en camaïeux, en dégradés photogéniques, en estompés qui se vaporisent en une atmosphère de pluie fine. Une harmonie de tons pigmentés de luminions blancs, jaunes, rouges, incessantes rivières de vie.

At the end of 2013, I'd been living with my now-wife's family in Yorkshire, England. With my 30th birthday quickly approaching in January, she asked me what I wanted to do for the occasion. "I want to have sushi for dinner", I had decided. I've done this every year on my birthday since I was a kid. With there not being very many options for Japanese food in Northern England, our plans evolved to the point where we'd decided to spend a week in Paris. I took all the camera gear the Eurostar would allow me to cram on board (the timelapse dolly kept in a ski bag, as skis travel for free), and so spent the week filming time lapses in Paris' rainy January weather.

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