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Le rageux et l'impassible

Qu'il est doux de ne rien faire quand tout s'agite autour de vous

Grosse scène de "fuck", de vociférations et de menaces devant un type qui garde un flegme olympien en attendant que l'orage passe.

Michael McCurdy-Quintana, 19, got into a fender bender on Monday with a man identified as Marine Sergeant Joshua Brightman. What followed afterward was caught on video. Brightman screams threats and slurs at McCurdy-Quintana and his sister inside the car and kicks their doors. He was detained and cited for his threats.

McCurdy told INSIDE EDITION that initially he was going to get out of the car, but then he realized the situation was escalating: "I was prepared to get out of my truck and confront him, but as soon as he said 'I'm going to [expletive] kill you,' I immediately locked the door and rolled up my window."

McCurdy-Quintana is the caretaker for his sister, a disabled vet, and he said that she froze when she heard the insults and threats hurled at them (including "bitch" and "cunt"). He said, "It was uncalled for…what he said to my sister. Disrespectful for anyone to hear those words. She was totally in shock…we had nothing to say."

Brightman's friends have said that he served in Afghanistan, was awarded a Purple Heart and suffers from PTSD. Brightman apologized to McCurdy-Quintana, but the victim didn't feel like the apology was heartfelt: "He never looked at me once. The way he said it was not sincere."

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