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L'indifférence de la foule


Un homme en sang dans la rue en Inde. Aucune automobile ne va s'arrêter. Il va finir par s'écrouler et... se relever, puis haranguer les passants vers 3'40.

Cette expérience me fait penser à cette autre caméra cachée. Je place au-dessous un commentaire pertinent (en anglais)

"It's pretty simple, how well you believe you'll handle yourself against the offender is a big factor in the decision to help the victim. If you're a 70 year old you'll most surely not stick your nose in that sort of thing, unless you decide to call the police. Simply because, in your possible scenarios imagined, there's a chance you'll get beat up. If you notice, the only people who attempted to stop the offender were men who appeared to be fairly capable of defending themselves. Notice how those two guys who were together were especially confident and quick to act, they felt their odds were greater.

Humans are very empathetic beings by nature, we work and live in systems of communities after all, It's inherent to us. However, It's also natural that we put our safety first. It's not selfish or evil or worth of despisal, It's simply natural. So to be fair, 20 people in that video could have called the cops and didn't. They could have, but they were just in an "oh screw It's none of my business" or a "oh wth It's just an argue, they'll be ok" or something along those lines, to serve as an excuse for their lack of empathy and/or will to spend resources on something that won't directly benefit them.

This reflects the system we currently live in to some extent."

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